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      Gene editing was not even an idea just a decade ago. With Read More From Here research being conducted and experiments conducted using the technology at full swing and a topic of debate all over the world. Scientists continue to debate the dangers and possibilities of genome editing across the globe. Plant geneticists have been capable of creating plants that are able to withstand famine but critics have warned about the uncertainty of this technology in human health.

      The Benefits of Gene Editing
      Here are a few benefits of genome editing technology.

      1. Tackling and Defeating Diseases:
      The most serious and fatal illnesses have survived. Many genetic mutations that humans suffer from will be eliminated only after we actively intervene and genetically alter the next generation.

      Genetic editing is a way to develop new immunotherapies for cancer. CRISPR can be modified of T-cells in order to kill and locate cancer cells.
      Drug Research: Genes may help speed up the process of drug discovery. CRISPR technology is being used by some drug companies in the stages of research and discovery.
      Inherent disease: Through genetic editing, scientists can block the inborn disease from spreading to offspring. Cystic fibrosis and diabetes can also be eliminated.

      2. Extend Lifespan
      Human lifespans could be extended through genome editing. Human lifespans have grown by a lot and people have lived longer. Genetic engineering’s future can extend our lives. Certain diseases and illnesses which are common could develop later in life, and may cause harm to our lives. Genetic editing may reverse the most fundamental factors that cause the body’s natural decline on the basis of cellular. It can dramatically improve the quality and duration of life.

      3. Growth In Food Production and Its Quality:
      Genetic engineering is able to design food items that are resistant to extreme temperatures and are packed with all the necessary nutrients. It could also be the answer to the heavy food demands which are not being met in many countries. We might also be able to increase the medicinal value of our products and develop edible vaccines.

      4. Pest Resilient Crops
      Jennifer Doudna (CRISPR pioneer), says that gene editing is a way to tackle the pest and nutrition problems facing agriculture. We will need less pesticides and insecticides to safeguard our plans.
      The Cons of Gene Editing
      While Genome editing has many benefits, it may have many areas to be questioned. Such as,

      1. 1.
      Let’s begin with the main objection: modification is not natural and is akin to playing God. The argument goes that “natural is good by nature” and that illnesses are natural. They believe that the millions who are sick and die prematurely are perfectly normal. Even though living longer is creating social problems, what about the earth’s overpopulation after scientists remove all the illnesses?

      2. Security Concerns
      Let’s put aside the ethical aspects of society for a moment. Are there safety issues for making changes to the level of the cell? Slight changes made at the smallest level may result in unexpected outcomes. What happens if one disease has been eliminated, and then reintroduces a new, more dangerous one? It is possible to experience complications while still pregnant, such as miscarriage, premature birth, or stillbirth.

      3. What is Diversity?
      Diversity in the diversity of all animals is a key to evolution on Earth. Genetically altering our species could negatively impact our genetic diversity, just as in something like cloning would. Do we not think the next generation deserves to experience the same diversity on Earth the way we did?

      4. Rich people’s tool or For Everyone?
      Gene therapy is costly It’s a fact that is well-known. Let’s suppose that we could eliminate a child’s defective genetic code in the near future. What happens if the elite and extremely wealthy could afford it, while the child who is poor would die? If this were to occur, do genetic editing confer “justice” for our society? Will the government pay for all embryos that come from low-income families for genetic make-up purposes?

      In conclusion
      The benefits and drawbacks of genetic engineering give an idea of the outcomes. A variety of nations and legislations have been put forward to guarantee the most effective outcome. It’s a fantastic present to the world when it is properly governed and managed.

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